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Watchdog of the Child Support Agency

Giving support to NRP’S.

Updated August 22nd 2014


Explosion 2: Public Notice
FOA of  CSA Management
Text Box:    Dont speak to them over the phone, do everything in writing, and make sure everything is sent recorded delivery.
DON’T Pay any arrears or bills using your credit or debit card ( the CSA are not licensed to take money from your card. It is also a scam to get your bank details so they can issue Third Party Debt Orders to empty your account!)

Dead Beat Dads offer

Support and assistance for the NRP.

The truth about the CSA

 Advice on how to deal with your CSA case.

We are an active –supportive group who offer support to NRP’s when they are left feeling they have no one else to talk to or nowhere else to go.

   Our Aims


To stop the PWC (Mainly the ex wives) from using the Government to get revenge on the NRP ( Mainly the  Ex Husband)

To stop our children being used as a Pay Per View

To stop the Government from using the NRP as an open wallet to subsidise their spending spree

To show that Child Poverty is NOT caused by parents splitting up.

Expose the Lies and the Corruption of CSA workers and managers

To try and restore peace of mind to the NRP’s

To highlight the fact we have a male hating (anti misandry Government)

We are now exposing corrupt courts

We are exposing solicitors impersonating magistrates who are working on behalf of the CSA

We are showing fathers that the Magistrates are in fact sometimes oblivious to the CSA’S own procedures.

We can highlight the wrongs of Liability Orders.

We can highlight the wrongs of Committals  to Prison.

The CSA are not above THE LAW contrary to what Mr Shanohan or the Common Purpose graduate Janet Paraskeva may think

We are the only CSA Watchdog that exposes EVERYTHING there is to expose on a constant basis.


(please note to gain access to the forum we need a full case history sent  to our main email address and a donation which aids the running of the web site and covers any expenses( only ) incurred in assisting you in your case. The management uses discretion to allow access to the forum and any rejections mean your donation will be fully refunded)



This is for the purpose of all pages on this web site. All articles printed on our web site are printed for the interest of the PUBLIC under Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights 1948. All documents placed upon this site are PUBLIC, including court documents and any CSA generated forms, which are here and published with the permission of each data subject



The Association is here to help those caught up  in the clasps of this dreadful Child Support Agency. The Founders are not solicitors and do not charge for any advice given, we wholly rely on donations to keep the site running and to give support in court cases and to give advice via email and/ or the forum. We cannot say what the outcome of court cases will be, nor will we say you will get the outcome you wish, that is down to the individual Magistrates or Judge. We will not be  held responsible for any loss that you may encounter , we are there to simply help and advise non resident parents to help make things as difficult for the CSA when they decide to break the law and their own procedures in order to recover child maintenance illegally.


 If you send us an email and you do not get a response please jog our memories by another email . Please do not let it get to or pass the court date before sending an email back accusing us of ignoring you are being a waste of time using us. We are doing this voluntarily, we do not receive any funding apart from donations and we do have our every day jobs to get on with and in our case we work  silly shift patterns, so please if you have a problem and we have not responded then a quick reminder will help us along.


As stated before we cannot and do not guarantee any outcome of any case be it appeal stage or court case, however if the result is not to your satisfaction, please let us know what happened and what was stated so we can then look at putting together a better defence case for the appeal. If you feel annoyed or simply want to tell us if and when we go wrong, then please feel free to air your opinion but please keep it expletive free. We are committed to reviewing how we support and advise so please note we are always welcome of constructive criticism.

BEWARE of others using the moniker “Deadbeatdad” on some websites and forums around the internet-in most cases it is not either of us who are posting to such sites/forums. If in doubt as to their identity, then drop us an e  mail and ask us as we cannot and will not, be held responsible for another’s words or actions if they are using a pseudonym similar or the same as “Deadbeatdad”.


Are you having problems with these privateers below?



























Being harassed by constant phone calls from the CSA?


Had a Deduction from Earnings Order placed upon your income without any warning?


                                                                           Had your private funds stolen from your private Bank Account?                         


Been threatened with a summons to a Magistrates Court?


Been threatened to have your home sold in order to pay  for Child Support?


Then find out how the Child support Agency has no RIGHTs to take your property, it may have a duty to collect child support but it hasNO RIGHTS neither do any of the members of staff who work there.



Please note- to gain access to the forum we need a full case history sent  to our main email address and a donation which aids the running of the web site and our research and covers expenses only, incurred when we assist on cases.. The management reserves the right to use it’s own discretion to allow access to the forum  and to assist and support on any case submitted, (any rejections mean your donation will be fully refunded)

You can join our forum here




If you have paid subscriptions to  any other  organisation that deal with the CSA, then we kindly ask that you remain with them as this seems unfair to waste your hard earned cash without giving them a chance to help you. We will refuse to assist anyone who we discover is receiving help, or is a member of another organisation.

Rossendale’s now part of the Marston Group , who are funded by the Rothchild’s Group

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How to deal with Bailiffs who attend your property to collect unpaid Child Support that the Agency has not yet paid out, but had a fake order made in an attempt to collect it