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Independent watchdog of the Child Support Agency/Child Maintenance Services

Giving support to NRP’S.


7th January 2019


Important Information


All NRPS need to write into the Agency to inform them that you do not give them permission to close your existing case, in order tor them to bring you onto the new system.  If your youngest child is not the age of 20 years old


What this means is that if they close your old case you will not be able to claim for all their wrongdoings in the old case, which will mean the Public Servants will get away with having to pay for their wrongdoings

Dead Beat Dads Association provides support and assistance to non resident parents,  and points you in the right direction when you are at the hands of men and women referred to as Child Support Agency staff or the new Child Maintenance Services officers.


For those of you who are at frustration level with staff at the Agency, who lie, threaten, ignore, cover up,  or change procedures


Threatening letters  Are you faced with threatening communications  from members of staff? Find out how their threatening letters are outside of their public jurisdiction


Liability Orders  Are you being threatened with a Liability Order in the Magistrates Court? Find out how to stop Liability Orders for Child Support before the Liability Order hearing


Charging Orders  Are you faced with or threatened with a charge on your property?, you need to know how you could protect your property.


Revocation of Driving License Are you faced with or threatened with the revoking of your driving license?, find out how you could protect your license.


Threat of Prison   This is no longer an option. It was found to be in breach of the European Courts of Human Rights ( see Karoonian vs CMEC ). Any CSA public servant found sending threats of such can be prosecuted for threats with the use of extortion




Please note that we are based in the United Kingdom (Great Britain)



Amber Rudd who has taken over as the Secretary of State for the Department of Works and Pension from Esther McVey.


This is the  famous Carla Prendergast whose printed signature is upon letters;