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As of the 8th January 2019, we are no longer accepting new cases. The website will be for information only to help assist non resident parents. We will still be assisting† current ongoing cases, until those cases are resolved.


All the information held on here will be as current as we can make it on as regular a basis as we can, if you find that some information is not correct ,or current enough then please feel free to contact us and politely , let us know.


We can still be contacted via our e mail address but take note that whilst we will give you a once only e mail containing information on how to conduct your case in court, this is fact will not be leading to further e mails and assistance or advice on the rest of your case! and strictly no paperwork will be drawn up by us on your behalf and e mailed across to you whatsoever.







You may wish to make a small donation to help us in keeping the site available and current, as that will now be paid from our own pockets herein, any donations received will be gratefully accepted. Please see the donate button on the main page.