Rounded Rectangle: Some old news

Maria Miller finally quit after fiddling her expenses, yet she did a radio show with Andy Crane in Manchester, telling everybody how much money is owed to the CSA from father.


 Strange thing was that when Dead Beat Dads rang in to ask her if she could provide the Agency’s accounts to show where they have paid out the alleged billions to the parent with care for these so called arrears to become owing, she went off the call.


Now here we have a PUBLIC SERVANT dictating to the public and trespassing on their property directly from wages, or  taking property, to sell to make 100%  profit for the Agency. What you must understand is the Agency is a PUBLIC body,there to serve the PUBLIC, not to dictate, yet these Ministers are using the Agency as a smoke screen to run their PRIVATE business.


Maria Miller another leach in society creaming off PUBLIC funding  for her own PRIVATE affairs. This is what is causing damage to the so called economy.


Lets hope she is prosecuted for theft, in fact it could be a good case for the PUBLIC to bring a PUBLIC prosecution against her for damages.


Just food for thought