Text Box: Rounded Rectangle: At Court

The key to being successful at court is your paperwork, your paperwork is your case, once that’s done you need not speak,

The court is a record of what is said and done and your paperwork keeps it public. All CSA CMS court cases are done in secret, you may not be aware of that but its fact, it may look and seem like its public, but our first hand knowledge and experiences of the cases, prove that these court cases are secret.


We can state all Child Support Cases are to be dealt with in an open public court, and we strongly recommend that  you take witnesses with you, simply to take notes and write down every thing that is said. That needs to be put down in the form of minutes when you later get home. Nobody can stop you or your witnesses taking notes, and if any judge threatens you with contempt or Security to remove you from that court, that Security guy is facing a common law assault the minute s/he touches you. If they rely upon the  “ well the judge has told me to remove you” well the Nuremberg Defence is no excuse, and yes that has been tried;


You also need to set up your court prior to the case, if not then you surrender to the Jurisdiction of the Court which is a private case paid for by the CSA CMS and with the use of Public Tax Payers funds, which is fraud;


You need plenty of paper, a pen with ink and a sheet of carbon paper, because everything that is asked at court, you must respond on paper only, do not speak, there is no reason to speak, You keep the original answer and you give a copy to the Magistrates or Judge, that is called keeping it on the record, its very important