Text Box: Rounded Rectangle: What Really is the CSA

The CSA is just a name only, it cannot speak, read ,write, pay funds,† or make any complaints or claims against any other man or woman.


At the CSA buildings we have men and women who are employed to contact non resident parents and parents with care to make assessments only. Assessments are just that, they are not payments paid out to the parent with care first, then recovered as a debt later from the non resident parent, it is simply an assessment only. As stated above the CSA cannot speak, read write, make complaints or claims, any letters from the these individuals stating that a debt is owed to the CSA is an attempt to defraud the woman or man who is the non resident parent.


The Secretary of State has no claim against the non resident parent either, again no funds are paid out by the Secretary of State therefore there is no debt owed.


The CSA are there to intimidate the non resident parent, and the employers of the non resident parent, which is a common occurrence, in order to collect money. More often than not all of the money doesnít go to the parent with care.


So... What is the CSA? it is a Public Body being used by a PRIVATE company to increase funds for individuals at Government. The Government is supposed to be a PUBLIC body, well more to the point PUBLIC SERVANTS. We have all been led to believe the people do as the Government says, this could not be further from the truth. The Government work for us to assist us, not dictate or trespass on our property. Our property is us, our cars our homes our children our money, it is not the Governments, however over the decades Government have been very clever in re programming what we see and think. Through decades of propaganda issued by the media who are secretly controlled by individuals in the Government, they have managed to brainwash us into thinking we have to do as they say and that they have the right to come and dictate to us and take our property


Bring in a Government body known as the Child Support Agency make it look as though they are there to reduce so called Child Poverty, automatically people are going to think this a good thing morally, and think the Agency is a good thing in place and think they have a RIGHT to take property from fathers to allegedly reduce child poverty. Throw in some target driven CSA workers and what you get it an out of control body being used to fund a PRIVATE organisation hiding underneath the Child Support Agency. This body consists of individual men and woman who think they have a right to give legal advice when not qualified to do so, make orders when not authorised to do so, and to basically make up figures on pieces of paper to make it look like debts are now owed to the Agency.


Over the past couple of years we had assisted in quite a few court cases for our members, and it was noted an individual for the Agency was making a COMPLAINT at court that a debt was owed by our member, not a CLAIM. Reason behind this is because no man or woman employed as a public servant is actually owed any funds, they haven't suffered a loss or paid out any funds to benefit you or your property. That in itself means that no public servant has any RIGHT to interfere with your property, be it wages, bank account, driving license passport or even you. Just because they are employed by Government, doesnít give them any RIGHT what so ever to dictate to you or even threaten you, by threats we mean, the threat of court action or removal of passports, driving licenses, that is communicating a threat.


Any Agency staff giving any legal advice is a CRIMINAL offence in its entirety. None of the staff are legally qualified, and the Agency itself is not a firm of Solicitors, they have no more power than a person working at Asda, ( NOTHING AGAINST Asdas workers) just they have been trained to threaten, intimidate, manipulate, just to make funds for the Secretary of State. Throw in targets for these public servant to achieve as an incentive, then you have what we know today as The CSA.